Voluntopia is a gamified micro-volunteering mobile application. Micro-volunteering is a form of online volunteering that is typically done in small increments of time via a connected device or mobile phone.​ The research was done by the previous UX team.​
3 weeks
Product Design
UX Team, art director

Research synthesis

Below is based on the research handed off from the UX research team.
“There’s a lot of noise on the internet when it comes to searching for volunteering opportunities.”
"Most people only participate 2-3 times before losing interest.”
“If I can get one volunteer, that’s great. But what I really want is for that person to tell 10 more people, and they tell 10 more people and so on.”
1. Organizations need more engaged volunteers

2. Volunteers rely on word of mouth for new opportunities
3. Volunteers are more inclined to volunteer with friends
Problem statement
How can we incentivize those who have had a positivevolunteering experience with a service project to recruit andprepare others for new volunteering opportunities.
Social interactivity using gamification to incentivize

1. Easy way to receive validation for efforts

2. A way to measure progress

3. Social interaction with friends
Test results
90% of testers never heard of micro volunteering.

87%Of testers needed more instruction and guidance needed to go back to instructions for activity.

50% Testers who mentioned they would like to share with friends on other social media.

37% Testers who didn’t understand the purpose/impact of the activity. (Added language that explicitly states how this activity makes a difference.)

User personas

Jessica Lane
An analytical, social, and motivated 20-year-old university student majoring in political science.
"When I volunteer, I want to see the impact it has on the community."
User Needs
Build an impressive resume.
Discover fun, social, and team experiences.
Get acquainted with and create impact in her community.
Pain Points
Felt underutilized in her previous volunteer role.
Skeptical of past events that were poorly organized.
activities don't accommodate class/work schedule.
Sarah Boulders
A creative, optimistic, and reliable 34-year-old volunteer coordinator who cares about building meaningful relationships.
“We really work hard to make sure our volunteers are having an impact on the community.”
User Needs
Create opportunities impactful, fun, and innovative.
Match volunteer opportunity with skills, interests, and values.
Expand her organization's reach in the community.
Pain Points
Existing management tool is expensive.
Struggles to track data on volunteers.
Lack of commitment from volunteers.

Design principles

Spark an interest
Curate opportunties
Keep users engaged

Stylistic directions

Mood board_1
Style tile_1
Mood board_2
Style tile_2
Mood board_3
Style tile_3

Wireframes refinements

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