Mode analytics

Mode is a collaborative analytics platform for data & business teams.  I led projects to redesign our website, product sign up flow, marketing growth experimentations.
2019 - 2020
Brand design,
Content manager,
Product: Chart builder (Business users)
Product: Notebook (Data analysts)

How it started

Mode shifted market segmentafter the launch of a freemium version of the product in 2018. brand refresh was required to keep up with the new launches.
  • Website is the first entrance of new customers, over 85% of the website visitors were new users.
  • Reaching broader audience with​ ​fewer coding experiences such as business users who don't write SQL daily.

Design process timeline

We had aggressive timeline along with brand refresh as well as the website redesign,


Project objectives
Increase the effectiveness of our marketing website​
​Increase the flow of conversions to sign-up
Increase views, engagement, and time on the website
Design objectives
Holistic design approach with UX research
Layout with clear CTA and visual prominences
Visual story telling, motion and UI design elements


Power users vs.
New users
How might we balance different users' needs in stylistic components using the design principles?
Stakeholders vs. users
How do we want to position our brand in the market?
How do we know if that's what our customers want to see?

User persona

85% new users, 90% desktop users

Power users
(Data analysts)
"I write SQL, Python and R daily and I get a ton of requests.

One dashboard only answers to one problem, and it is painfully time consuming."
New users
(Business users)
"I only know very basic SQL, but I have many business related questions, and often follow up questions.

it is important to be able to answer ad-hoc questions on my own, without having to wait."

Design approach

"How do we want our users to describe us?" from Internal stakeholders

" Mode is --- "




Internal survey results on
product design principles:

" Mode is --- "

Flexible 90%

Warm 71%

Egalitarian 64%

Competitive analysis

Old website

Design approach

Bold, powerful, limitless, speed, decisive, analytical
Supportive, egalitarian, fresh, familiar, positive

Iteration with validation through metrics

As we launched Helix, the new data engine of Mode, we used the dark theme in order to experiment and measure the reaction.The result of Helix dark theme branding out performed our expectation.

The video hit +3M views

Became 2nd most visited page

Website redesign


After launching the newly refreshed website, we saw increase of visits and the time spent on the site. We also had many positive feedbacks.

70% over performance on SMB market

"The best marketing contribution to pipeline by far"

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